EU weighs Ukraine candidacy as Russia inflicts ‘hell’ in east

A partially destroyed educational and laboratory building at a Kharkiv college struck by Russian rocket fire EU leaders met in Brussels on Thursday to discuss making Ukraine a candidate to join the bloc, a “decisive” moment likely to infuriate Russia as its forces battled stiff resistance to advance in the embattled eastern Donbas region. Western … Read more

EU backs Ukraine’s ‘European dream’ as Russia cuts gas supplies

Map of Ukraine showing position of military forces in Ukraine as of June 17, 0700 GMT Europe feels a powerful symbol of solidarity with Ukraine on Friday, when Brussels backed Kyiv’s bid for EU candidate status, even as Russia shelled frontline Ukrainian cities and cut back gas supplies to the West. With the European Commission’s … Read more

Russia plans Severodonetsk plant evacuation as it bids to encircle city

Russia said Tuesday it would establish a humanitarian corridor to evacuate civilians from a chemical plant in Severodonetsk, as the two sides battled for control of the key city in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. Russian forces have stepped up efforts to cut off the Ukrainian troops still in the industrial hub, destroying all three bridges … Read more

Russians bid to encircle Severodonetsk, Zelensky pleads for arms

Maksym Katerin stands in the yard of his damaged house after his mother and stepfather were killed during shelling in Lysychansk Russian forces on Tuesday stepped up efforts to cut off troops in the key industrial city of Severodonetsk in the east of the country despite Ukrainians insisting they were holding on. Moscow has laid … Read more

Ukraine hits Russian targets, France offers Odessa help

Ukraine tried to push back Russian troops in the east and south on Friday as France offered to help ensure access to the port of Odessa and ease a global grain crisis. The United Nations and Western countries meanwhile fresh raised concerns over death handed sentences by pro-Russian separatists to two Britons and a Moroccan … Read more

Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin warns of ‘new targets’ if US, Europe continues support

One of Vladimir Putin’s top propagandists has sent a morbid warning about nuclear weapons, warning “only a couple of mutants will survive”. Vladimir Putin and his allies have taken to Russian media to blast NATO nations for continuing their support for Ukraine, warning “armed conflict will be drawn out” if the US and European countries … Read more

Moscow threatens to strike ‘decision-making centres’ if Ukraine uses US rockets to hit Russia

Moscow says it will have “no choice” but to strike at “decision-making centers” outside of Ukraine if Kyiv uses American missiles against Russia. Moscow will have “no choice” but to strike at “decision-making centers” outside of Ukraine if Kyiv uses long-range missiles received from the US against Russian territory, Dmitry Medvedev has warned. The former … Read more

Russia takes ‘half’ of key city as EU clinches oil deal

Russian forces have seized control of half of eastern Ukraine’s key city of Severodonetsk, a senior official said Tuesday, while EU leaders were split over banning gas from Moscow after agreeing to embargo most of its oil. Ukraine meanwhile pushed on with an investigation into war crimes since the Russian invasion. Officials said thousands had … Read more

Key Ukraine city ‘divided in half’ as EU oil embargo agreed

Moscow has shifted the bulk of its firepower in a bid to capture the Donbas’s Lugansk region Russian forces have seized control of half of eastern Ukraine’s key city of Severodonetsk, a senior official said Tuesday, hours after EU leaders struck a watered-down deal to ban more than two-thirds of Moscow’s oil imports. In central … Read more

Russian forces close in on key Ukraine city in east

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky accuses Moscow of carrying out a “genocide” in the eastern Donbas region, where the city of Severodonetsk is under heavy Russian shelling. COMPLETE VID32B89EH_EN Russian troops were moving in on the strategic city of Severodonetsk Friday in a relentless offensive to control Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, bombing residential areas and claiming … Read more