Anthony Albanese asks China to lift trade sanctions before Canberra and Beijing can begin to rebuild trade partnership

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has declared China will need to make at least one big move before his government would consider improving the relations between Canberra and Beijing. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wants China to lift its trade sanctions against Australia before he would consider mending the relationship. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin one day … Read more

Woman earns $2800 to test guy’s loyalty to girlfriend in ‘honeytrap’

A woman has revealed she’s raking it after being hired by suspicious girlfriends to test the loyalty of their partners – and most fail. A British woman has revealed how she charges suspicious women $2800 to test the “loyalty” of their boyfriends – revealing many fail the test. Georgia Rose receives up to 200 messages … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Says There Is “Nothing More Fulfilling” Than Building a Family with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez is already looking forward to married life with Ben Affleck and blending their two families, but she’s also still trying to live in the present moment. During an appearance on Good Morning America on Thursday, the singer couldn’t stop talking about how “fulfilling” her rekindled relationship with the actor has been and how … Read more

One Year After Finalizing His Divorce, Peter Phillips Makes a Royal Debut with a New Partner

During the Platinum Jubilee weekend, Peter Phillips’s two daughters island and savannah were stars of the show when they were photographed playing around with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But the two great-grandchildren of queen elizabeth weren’t the only ones who posed for the cameras. Peter, the son of Princess Anne, made his official debut … Read more

4 Easy ways to attract a Pisces woman

In a relationship, a Pisces woman will be extremely loving, nurturing, and acutely aware of your needs, as if she has touched her partner’s inner feelings. They consider everything carefully and wear their hearts on their sleeves. While she appears shy, she is simply observing everything that is going on around her. Her sensitivity is … Read more

4 Mistakes that Libra make in a relationship

Librans are air signs, and while this makes them the most free-spirited signs, it also causes them to be indecisive in relationships. Their relationships are a little shady. You’ll go from a happy zone to an aggressive mode, where your bae starts to annoy you, and this could be due to you not expressing your … Read more

Peruse the pros and cons of dating your next-door neighbour

Often times in life you may find that you have no luck in the dating pool but you seem to have the best neighbors. Whether you’ve gotten out of a bad relationship or have had a torrid argument with your co-worker, you can always count on the friendly guy (or girl) next door to cheer … Read more

4 Things a Libra man looks for in a woman

Because a Libra guy is an air sign, learning about his thinking is essential to determine if you’re a good match. The foundation is formed by being on the same wavelength in terms of concerns. His tastes are polished. A Libra man prefers a lady who is considerate and elegant. She should be as sociable … Read more