Suwalki Gap: NATO concern Russia may take strategic land in Poland and Lithuania

With all eyes on Ukraine, there’s a new potential flashpoint in Europe – a tiny strip of land and a nightmare for NATO that could lead to global war. It’s an idyllic, narrow stretch of land – just 80km wide – made up of gentle, undulating hills, flowing rivers and lush forests in the heart … Read more

Ukraine war: Close ally to Vladimir Putin calls to ‘strike London first in WWII’ on Russian media

A close Putin political ally and reservist general has called for a major western city to be hit first in World War Three. A close Putin political ally and reservist general has called for London to be hit first in a World War Three. MP Andrey Gurulyov, 54, a member of Russian parliament’s defense committee, … Read more

EU weighs Ukraine candidacy as Russia inflicts ‘hell’ in east

A partially destroyed educational and laboratory building at a Kharkiv college struck by Russian rocket fire EU leaders met in Brussels on Thursday to discuss making Ukraine a candidate to join the bloc, a “decisive” moment likely to infuriate Russia as its forces battled stiff resistance to advance in the embattled eastern Donbas region. Western … Read more

Russia vs Lithuania: City of Kaliningrad central to Moscow’s threats

The war in Ukraine could very easily spiral into a world war if Russia follows through with threats over a tiny city outside Ukraine. When World War II ended, a tiny part of Europe between Lithuania and Poland was captured by the Red Army and became part of the Soviet Union. The territory bordering the … Read more

Ash Barty makes classy Wimbledon Centre Court request for Simona Halep: Tennis 2022

Former World No. 1 Ash Barty may be retired but the Aussie legend has shown once again just why she is an absolute champion. She may be retired from tennis but Ash Barty keeps showing she’s a deadset champion. Since shocking the world by announcing she was quitting the sport at just 25, Barty has … Read more

Russian general’s WW3 warning to the UK

He told Russian state TV that the West is playing with fire in blockading Russian exclave Kaliningrad – before firing off a chilling warning. Britain will “physically cease to exist” if the new standoff in Lithuania nuclear Third World War triggers, claimed a retired Russian general and military expert. Lt-Gen Evgeny Buzhinsky told Russian state … Read more

Nick Kyrgios loses to Hubert Hurkacz in Halle semi-final, sends huge Wimbledon warning, unseeded

Nick Kyrgios lost an absolute thriller in his Halle semi-final but the Aussie grass court star will be making the world worried. Nick Kyrgios sat down 30 aces in losing 4-6, 7-6 (7/2), 7-6 (7/4) to Hubert Hurkacz in a dramatic Halle grass court semi-final on Saturday. The Australian wildcard, who has excelled on the … Read more

Ukraine war: UK armed forces chief says Russia has ‘strategically lost’ the war

The UK’s chief of defense staff has slammed Vladimir Putin, declaring the Russian leader forgot to consider all aspects before picking a fight he cannot win. Russia has already “strategically lost” its war with Ukraine, suffering heavy losses and strengthening NATO, the UK’s chief of defense staff said in a new interview slamming Vladimir Putin’s … Read more

Ukraine, Ukrainian war: EU leaders arrive in Ukraine as war rages, French President Emmanuel Macron addresses crisis

Three major EU leaders have landed in one of Ukraine’s hardest-hit towns, prompting an outburst from a high-ranking ally of Vladimir Putin. French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi visited Irpin on Thursday, the battle-damaged suburb of Ukraine’s capital, in a show of support for the country at … Read more

Fierce fighting in east Ukraine as Zelensky says world must not look away

Map showing the number of Ukrainian refugees registered across Europe since the start of the Russian invasion, according to data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his country’s forces were “doing everything” to stop the Russian offensive, with fierce battles in the east and the south. Kyiv … Read more