Ripple XRP Favors Growing Among BSC Whales

Ripple (XRP) and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are in a long process. Throughout the event, Ripple’s native token, XRP, has not seen progressive growth. This stagnation in price movement persisted even before the onset of the extreme crypto winter.

But things seem to be taking a dramatic turn for XRP recently. With the decision in the case, the price of XRP positively wakes up. Also, the crypto coin is gradually becoming the leading choice for most BSC whales.

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XRP has shown more stability amid the crash in the broader crypto space. It is among the rare tokens that have not shown a huge change in value. Within 30 days, the price of XRP showed a minor increase of 1%. This impressive trend is the exact opposite of the crypto king Bitcoin. The price of BTC fell by almost 10% during the same period.

WhaleStats showed that XRP suddenly rose as one of the most used smart contract tokens. This trend is noted to persist over the past 24 hours among the 1000 and 500 BSC whales. In addition, the firm’s record showed that the top 2,000 investors in BSC hold large XRP tokens worth about $15.09 million.

Following the announcement of the long-running lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC, the surge in whale activities for XRP has intensified.

Ripple XRP Favors Growing Among BSC Whales
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Through Judge Netburn’s statement, the court denied the SEC’s claims regarding Himan’s ETH speech. In addition, the commission was mandated by the court to produce all relevant internal documents.

The court order states that the commission is expected to submit the two proposed redactions to allow for an in camera review by the court. Ripple’s lawyer noted that the SEC could appeal the court’s decision to Judge Torres. Additionally, the SEC may request up to a week or two as an extension to file the objection.

Ripple XRP gets more pairs list

In a new development, crypto exchange Bitrue is offering its support for Ripple XRP tokens. According to the stock exchange statement, it will list up to 10 XRP pairs on its platform for clients. In addition, the exchange stated that its pair will be on SAND, MANA, AAVE, BTTC, ALGO, AR, APE, CHZ, HBAR and DENT cryptos.

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Data from the report source highlights that XRP is currently trading at $0.35 at the time of writing. With a trading volume of about %1.11 billion, Ripple XRP still maintains its market cap of more than $15.22 billion.

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