How to Eliminate Junk Food Cravings for Good

This article was previously published May 26, 2014, and has been updated with new information. Americans’ reliance on processed foods, fast foods and snacks is undoubtedly one of the primary factors driving our skyrocketing obesity and disease rates. Even many people who “know better” have trouble keeping their hands out of the Doritos. In 2022 … Read more

Kickstart Your Daily Routine With These 7 Brilliant Yoga Poses To Live Hale And Hearty

Today is International Yoga Day and the theme for this year is ‘Yoga for Humanity.’ This year’s theme is unique and emphasizes how yoga serves humanity and in combating COVID-19 by bolstering immunity, relieving stress, powering lung health, and overall wellbeing. Observing International Yoga Day on June 21 was first proposed by Prime Minister Shri … Read more

151: Carol Garner-Houston on How Brain Harmony is Improving Autism & Sensory Disorders

Today we’re about to get an amazing education in neurotransmitters, those very important chemical messengers in our brains. Balancing neurotransmitters through natural methods is an important part of Dr. Ann-Marie Barter’s work in her practice in Colorado. Dr. Ann uses a combination of functional blood chemistry analysis, nutrition, applied kinesiology, and other natural remedies with … Read more

Roe v. Wade Overturned, Ending 50 Years of Abortion Protections

June 24, 2022 – The US Supreme Court has voted to overturn the federal constitutional right to abortion, turning the issue over to individual states to decide. . About 25 million women of reproductive age will live in states that ban or severely restrict abortion, according to some estimates, 26 states are “certain or likely” … Read more

Virtual care unicorn Ro lays off 18% of workforce

Months after announcing a $150 million fundraise that boosted its valuation to $7 billion, direct-to-consumer virtual care company Ro is laying off 18% of its workforce. “While we took steps over the last six months to prepare for a possible downturn, including raising additional capital and narrowing our focus, we came to the unfortunate conclusion … Read more