Bitcoin’s main contributor urges maximalists to take a different path

There was a time when Bitcoin (BTC) was the only crypto project that wasn’t a scam, and BTC-only advocacy made perfect sense. However, according to a Bitcoin Core contributor, this has not been true for some time, as he urged the community to abandon the us-versus-them culture.

In a Twitter thread, Matt Corallo, who contributed to Bitcoin Core, pointed community that right now, instead of BTC proponents defending why Bitcoin is unique and remarkable, they spend their time attacking other projects.

According to Corallo, this situation leads to what he described as a narrative war where crypto projects are hitting each other. Corallo further explained that Bitcoin coming after Ethereum (ETH) for the upcoming merger, saying that proof-of-stake (PoS) will not work, will in turn prompt ETH proponents to lobby regulators against Bitcoin with the same environmental angle .

Finally, the developer urged bitcoiners to focus on talking about bitcoin and its positive aspects and abandon the culture of attacking other non-BTC projects.

Despite the call for more respect and civility towards other projects, some bitcoiners still remain unfazed. In response to the thread, Twitter user BitcoinCEOh said that “anything other than bitcoin is a scam”. They said some projects look legitimate but end up being scams.

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In July, Bitcoin proponent Michael Saylor said in an interview that all PoS networks are securities and very risky. He argues that Ethereum is a security because of its inherent characteristics, such as issuance through initial coin offerings. He noted that it is up to regulators to decide whether these projects should proceed or not.

Meanwhile, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin actively defends Ethereum from critics. Buterin advanced arguments against ETH voting and described one as an “unconditional, bare-faced lie” saying that ETH does not conduct protocol parameter voting.